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Move Over, Millie: Lone is Coming

2013-07-25 22:50:10 by Myroid

During development of Millie 7 I decided that it would be the last Millie game unless the response was phenomenal. Unfortunately, the game turned out to be a disaster and nobody gave a shit about it, just like all the ones before it. 4399 took the game and ran with it, giving it almost 500k views, but they're Chinese so who cares. I guess people just aren't into short stubby chicks with attitude problems or something.

So, the Millie series is over. The gameplay in Shadow Mage was pretty neat though so I'm going to build on it for my next game starring the shadowy guy down there. In terms of the Millie games, it will be the adventure of Fallen Hero with the combat of Shadow Mage.

Oh yeah, and I'm probably going to end up saying "fuck you" to Flash and just making the game for PC instead. I'm sick of the bullshit that comes along with web games.

You can follow updates whenever I get around to posting them at MTC.

Move Over, Millie: Lone is Coming


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2013-07-28 16:19:18

So Millie 7 is final part.

Myroid responds:

For now, yeah. Millie might be back someday, though.