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Zeran's Folly now on Steam

2017-08-03 02:44:22 by Myroid

Zeran's Folly now has a store page on Steam! Check it out.


Zeran's Folly has been Greenlit on Steam!

2017-02-16 19:50:12 by Myroid

That's right: Zeran's Folly has been Greenlit on Steam! Guess they're just letting in anyone these days.


Zeran's Folly is the Next Big Thing from the developer of the Millie Megavolte series (which is to say, me). It'll be my first release since Millie Megavolte 7 way back in May 2013. It's orders of magnitude higher in quality and scope and it completely blows all the Millie games out of the water. All the charm and funny stuff that made the Millie games great is here in Zeran's Folly. So, TL;DR, get ready for a sticky belly or a soaked chair. Gross.

Oh yeah, and thank you to everyone who voted. Give yourself a pat on the back, you deserve it.

Zeran's Folly on Steam Greenlight

2017-01-19 09:18:59 by Myroid

My first big commercial PC game, Zeran's Folly, is now on Steam Greenlight!

Check it out here:

Zeran's Folly is the spiritual successor to my Millie Megavolte series here on Newgrounds. It combines the gameplay of Millie 7 with the story stuff and dungeon-based levels of Millie 6.

Here's a trailer that's kinda neat:



Hey folks and Millie fans,

There's going to be another Millie game, but it won't star Millie. Coming eventually from MTC to PC and maybe other things is Zeran's Folly, a spritual successor to the Millie Megavolte series. It's basically the gameplay of Millie 7 but with the level structure of Millie 6. Meaning, there's lots of physics fun but with story and dungeons to boot. Neato!

You can check out the latest on it here:


Millie 7 Release

2013-04-23 22:30:44 by Myroid

Why yes, about a year after starting it, Millie 7 is complete.

For longtime fans of the series, here's why Millie 7 makes all the other ones rightly look like the garbage they are. Basically, imagine the games as if they didn't suck. Here are some ways to help envision it:
-The combat is much more fast-paced and action-y. No more patty-cake battles
-Five other costumes, although I guess Millie 5 had that many
-Enemies do things other than walk back and forth
-Bosses do things
-Relatively huge stages
-Much prettier with better art and fancy particles
-There are things in the environment other than spikes and nothing
-Bullshit-proofed by playtesters
-Awesome music
-That cool Tori guy is back to do more voices

The series has evolved with each new installment and this one feels like it's what everything was leading up to. I'm not saying it's perfect, it's not, it's just to a point where it doesn't play like dog shit. Quite a good place to be. Now go play it.

Millie 7 Release

Millie Megavolte 7 Preview

2013-01-26 13:49:45 by Myroid

Millie Megavotle 7, the finale to this little series, is coming along nicely. Go play it in its unfinished state.

Play It Here

Once it's done there will be plenty of medals to unlock and things to buy with the coins you collect. Well, there are medals already, it's just that I have the API disabled for now. Have you played it yet?

Millie Megavolte 7 Preview

Super Fun Development Week

2011-10-02 01:40:00 by Myroid

Since I have this week off of school thanks to Fall Break, I will be getting tons of work done on Spaz Jetter X. Who knows, I might even get something playable.

You can read a bunch of mini-updates on my progress here: -DEAD LINK-

In the meantime, here is a character with big titties. I'm 98% certain that's what made Millie 2 so popular.

Super Fun Development Week

Spaz Jetter X: Qualifier Round

2011-05-27 03:44:37 by Myroid

Spaz Jetter X: Qualifier Round
Coming Soon from MTC

It's been a few years since Spaz's last adventure but he's still in fighting shape! In Spaz Jetter X, you play as one of several members of Team Jetter and complete challenges in the new Fun Time Robotics League competition to earn the ultimate prize. Nobody knows what the prize is this year but it's bound to be good, right?

Before Team Jetter can even participate however, they have to have a representative pass the Qualifier Round. Take control of Spaz, Jody, or newcomer Marco (pictured below) and show the judges and those other teams who the real fighters are.

What's new in the action-packed sequel:
-Marco Bolt, badass brotha and member of Team Jetter
-Other new characters to find and recruit
-Shooting enhancements--multidirectional aiming, charged shots, etc
-Movement enhancements--rolling, wall vaulting, and more
-New graphical things like smoke trails and such
-Your performance is graded in each stage. Go for the gold!

When it's ready, I'm going to release the Qualifier Round, get feedback, then start pumping out the rest of the game's stages. Let's jet!

Spaz Jetter X: Qualifier Round

Coming Soon from MTC: Turbo's Gel Blast

2011-03-28 05:02:14 by Myroid

Coming soon from MTC: Turbo's Gel Blast

In this quirky puzzle game based on a classic, gels fall from the sky and you must match them with their same-colored friends to make them disappear. It's like a fun version of racism! Match four or more of the same color and they'll disappear, making all the gels above them fall down. Make ingenious "plans" and score tons of points from the resulting combos!

To be determined if this will be in the Hooked Media network. If so, you can challenge all your wussy friends to beat your god-like scores and mock their incompetence when they undoubtedly fail. After all, you're the champ.

Coming Soon from MTC: Turbo's Gel Blast

Release Date: March 12 (this coming Saturday) or sometime this week

Get pumped, bitches. Spaz Jetter is coming to town and he's going to awesome the ever-knowing fuck out of you and everyone you love, especially your dad.

Who's Spaz? He's only the coolest robot that can shoot energy bullets from his fingers that you'll ever meet. Not only that, but he has the coolest jetpack that science can engineer and he uses it to score bitches around the clock. They can't get their hands off him.

Your mission in MTC's newest game, Spaz Jetter, is to fight your way through several stages, collect cash for powerups, and save your main squeeze from the evil Dastardly Bastard. Sound familiar? Fuck you, then. Spaz is here to wreck some shit and he's not going to listen to some whiny little complaints about a hackneyed story.

So prepare yourselves. Spaz will be here to rock your world way harder than some blue wuss-factory (that shall remain nameless) ever could.

MTC's Newest Game, Spaz Jetter, Gets a Release Date