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Spaz Jetter Site

2011-01-22 21:30:58 by Myroid

Oh hey. A lot of the info for Spaz Jetter, that new game thing I'm working on, has been consolidated here: bonk

It looks like shit but I'll be updating it with pretty things like pictures and candy.

Here's a picture of Jody for the hell of it:

Spaz Jetter Site

Algor Hills is Here

2010-06-02 09:31:46 by Myroid

Well, most of it. Go play it.

-You can get to the whisper stone before Helga's boss battle but you can't save there
-I haven't tested Lance yet but Millie seems to be just fine
-From the start of the area to saving in the main hub after killing Algor took me roughly 25 minutes of game time (not counting retries) for a total running time of about 1hr 5min
-This section is absurdly difficult, even on normal

Known bugs:
-The 4:3 sections are off-center. I can't help this until I convert them
-The little fight scene between Millie and Lance in Part 1 is messed up visually in some parts

The Skeleton Bellycutter Thing

2010-05-23 23:38:14 by Myroid

Algor Hills will be ready in about a week but I made this little video to show off some of the stuff that's new, like the miniboss fight and some of the new enemies. AAi4

Millie 6 Slightly Shinier

2010-03-11 20:11:13 by Myroid

I've made some updates to Millie 6 based on some of the feedback I got from /r/indiegaming over at reddit.

Some of the more interesting ones:
-New Tutorial level
-Background loading. New game parts load while you play so no more excruciating load times. Well, almost none.
-You can now press Up to enter passages and doors and such
-A bunch of new graphical things like a makeover for Anne and new Inner Evil models for Lance
-You don't have to press Up to grab vines anymore, you grab them automatically now. Also, platforms can be jumped/ran through.
-Bunch of other miscellaneous changes

What this means is that the game is essentially flawless now. Well. Now that all that is out of the way it's time to get back to Algor Hills. Whoo.

Millie 6 Slightly Shinier

Stonespade Bluffs and Arena

2010-01-12 19:38:37 by Myroid

UPDATE: As of Jan 13, 12:00pm GMT -7, the game has been fixed. Sorry about the mishap. Don't forget to clear your cache.

That magical day has arrived.

The Stonespade Bluffs section of the game is now available for play on It's fairly short but go play it anyway. Link

If that isn't enough Millie or Lance for you, swing by and play Millie Megavolte Arena for a bit and waste some precious time. It's alright. Link

And no, Part 3 and on will not be on Newgrounds. Official website only, mister man.

Stonespade Bluffs and Arena

Millie Megavolte Arena and Other Shit

2009-12-05 17:39:00 by Myroid

Within the next couple of weeks there will be a new Millie minigame: Millie Megavolte Arena. You pick a character (Millie, Lance, Anne, or Kilzek) and play in one of two modes: Slaughter Mode and Survival Mode. Slaughter Mode gives points based on how many enemies you kill and Survival Mode is, well, survival without any health pickups.

If all goes according to plan it will be part of Hooked Media Group's big ol' launch thing. They're basically a competitive-casual model with leaderboards and all that. So, when it comes out, play the game to get the highest scores you can. Or don't, I don't really give a shit. Arena will also be a minigame available on the Millie site through Fallen Hero so you can play it there too if you hate capitalism or the casual gaming industry.

Now for the "Other Shit" the title proclaimed. At some point I might be offering special Millie Megavolte clay figurines for sale. If you feel like plonking down some money on funny little trinkets that nobody but you will be able to truly appreciate, you'll be very happy. Since I'll be making them you can request any character you want posing however you want. Obviously I'll post picutres of my work so you can decide if it's a waste of money or not. Hint: It won't be.

Oh yeah, and this post wouldn't be complete without mentioning the voice actors Tori Kamal and Snowfender. If you haven't given them any love yet, do so now. I'll wait.

Millie Megavolte Arena and Other Shit

Millie Megavolte 6 Complete is Up

2009-10-07 15:31:03 by Myroid

So you've played the games here on Newgrounds and weren't impressed. Understandable. But what you DON'T know is that the games have been polished and condensed into one nut-bustingly good super-game over on the official website. Cutscenes voiced by awesome people Alison Ho and Tori Kamal. Travel between the main game areas. Three save files. Naked sweaty flesh. Wait, what?

Go play it. Here's some fan art from Michelle Foessl:

Millie Megavolte 6 Complete is Up

The King and Lance

2009-08-31 08:44:15 by Myroid

Millie 6 Part 1 jumps right into the thick of things with a duel between Millie and Lance. After his defeat, Lance explains his intentions but not much is said. So what exactly happened in the kingdom of Ohnmouthe that led to a fight to the death?

"The King and Lance" will answer that silly question. With his world falling apart around him, Lance lashes out in ways that defy the very core of his character. Oh yeah, and the animation will be better too.

Features the amazing voice acting talents of Tori Kamal and Snowfender.

"Betrayed" and Part 2

2009-05-17 18:17:26 by Myroid

I'll be posting "Betrayed, Only Not Really" and Part 2 here on Newgrounds when Part 2 is closer to being done.

I honestly don't expect them to do very well but it's my way of drumming up a little exposure for the (soon-to-be) Millie 6 adventure mode on It's more about the site now than the simple releases, I guess.

EDIT: Oh yeah, and along with the adventure mode I'll be redesigning the site. Universal save files, options, achievements, all that garbage. It'll be fun and stuff.

"Betrayed" and Part 2

Video Soon

2009-05-08 14:24:50 by Myroid

The first cutscene in Millie 6 Part 2 will be fully voiced (and stuff) and will be ready within the next few days. Since it's the first one to have voice I'll be putting it up on the website by its lonesome. I doubt I'll put it on Newgrounds as it probably wouldn't score very well--nobody would know what's going on.

It should be ready within the next three or four days. I'm currently dealing with some other stuff right now. Important stuff. God, I'm tired.