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So Yeah

2009-04-30 22:31:43 by Myroid

More garbage about Part 2 and the subsequent ones.

From now on the games will feature the voice talents of Snowfender as Millie Megavolte, Tori Kamal as Lance LeTourre and misc males, and Danielle K as misc females. Good stuff.

Pending catastrophe, the next four parts will be released over the next couple of months with the last one released in July or so. Yep.

If you want to join in on the fun of me talking to myself, head over to and click on that handsome News/Talk option there.

Oh yeah, and game advertisers? I'm sick of seeing ads based around titties. As effective as it is, stop it.

So Yeah

Guess I Got Another Honorable Mention

2009-04-26 04:23:57 by Myroid

They didn't bother telling me this time, but I guess I got another honorable mention in the WoW comic contest. Cool? ty/comics/gallery.html#269

I've joined the few others who have gotten at least two mentions. I think that means I'm cool or something.

Guess I Got Another Honorable Mention

The Story Continues

2009-04-24 15:55:52 by Myroid

After their bout with Gem Head the Ground Fiend, Millie and Lance emerge from Sparkleshine Caves to find their demonic enemies close at hand but no longer their worst threat. More questions arise and the plot thickens with the second installment of Millie Megavolte 6: Millie and the Fallen Hero.

How many parts will there be? Probably... five. Each will encompass one or two areas and have at least one boss fight and one new special ability.

Thar be spoilers here:

Part One
Main area: Terna Village and Sparkleshine Caves
New ability: Boomie Bits (Throwable bombs)
Boss: Gem Head (Ground Fiend)

Part Two
Main area: Stonespade Depths and Bluffs
New ability: Shock Soles (Allow walljumping)
Boss: Ahiwai (Lava Fiend)

Part Three
Main area: Algor Hills
New Ability: Dunno yet
Boss: Calin the Cold

Part Four
Main area: Sparkleshine Caves and Anne's Factory
New Ability: Hydrovial (Allows diving underwater)
Boss: Captain of the Ohnmouthe Guard
Boss: Fuse Gel

Part Five
Main area: Sailor's End and Ohnmouthe Castle
New Ability: Dunno yet
Boss: Dungeon Master
Boss: Well... the final ones.

Basically you can think of this as the games up through Millie 10.

The Story Continues

Yeah, Millie 6 is done.

2009-03-20 00:16:14 by Myroid

After ten long months, MTC is back with a new installment in the Millie Megavolte series. Millie returns in her biggest adventure yet with new friends, enemies, and other stuff too. Go play it.

Yeah, Millie 6 is done.

Millie 6 Bullcrap

2008-11-11 02:48:11 by Myroid

"You're the greatest swordsman in the world but everyone sings the praises of some hick girl from some island you've never heard of before. What would you do? You'd duel her and make everyone shut the hell up, that's what, and that's what Lance LeTourre is here to do."

So, have you heard Myroid is coming out with another one of those Millie games? Yeah, Millie Megavolte 6: Millie and the Swordsman. I bet you think it'll suck, huh?


Millie 6 is so much better than its predecessors that if you hated Millie 5, Millie 6 will make you kill your whole family in a fit of ecstasy. Here are some new features to be coming forth within the latest installment:

-Two playable characters. Play the game as the voluptuous Millie Megavolte or the arrogant Lance LeTourre
-Shitloads of new enemies to lose fights against including the Skeleton Juggernaut Thing and Flame Gel
-You can swim, climb on vines, and even, dare I say it, push rocks around
-Upgradable special abilities like Bombs, Vial of Pyres, and more
-Open world play! Get confused at every point in the game!
-Stupid upgrades are back, this time in the form of health, armor, and power upgrades
-Even more gay costumes than before
-RPG synth / Rock fusion sound from Myroid and Policy Overkill
-Lots of other shit I forgot about already

You're probably asking yourself, "When can I play this amazing game?! I'm jizzing with anticipation!" Well, intelligent and sexually secure gamer, the answer may surprise you: TODAY!*

*By TODAY! I mean "eventually"

Millie 6 Bullcrap

Dress Lance

2008-10-08 05:09:16 by Myroid

So here's the problem: I'm not feeling very creative when it comes to costumes for Lance.

If you have any ideas, leave a comment. Thanks.

EDIT: I meant ideas for additional costumes. Sorry for the confusion.

Dress Lance

Millie Megavolte: Missions

2008-08-22 18:48:39 by Myroid

There aren't scores in any of my games because I think scores are pointless and a waste of time, at least in my games. You beat the game and got a score of six million--who cares?

Despite this though, EA is offering Flash developers tons of money and cash to incorporate their High Score API. Seeing as I like money, I can't help but take them up on their offer.

So if you've signed up for the Sims Carnival beta, you can probably play the Millie Megavolte: Missions games over there. They're basically stripped-down versions of the five games but with score systems included.

There's a "review" session before any money is handed out but come on, how good does a game have to be before they accept it? I'm guessing not much.

Check this shit out:

2008-07-29 12:37:03 by Myroid ty/comics/gallery.html#224

Millie 5 Tonight

2008-06-13 08:31:41 by Myroid

I'm posting it around 5pm EST tonight, get excited.

Not promising anything naturally, but the way things are looking the game might be on here by Friday night. Look forward to it!

Millie 5 by Friday night, maybe sooner