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Gift from God

2008-06-07 02:07:48 by Myroid

The game may be taking forever, but I'm confident that you guys'll fucking love it. It's about what's scientifically known as ten bajillion times better than the games before it.

The reason the game is taking so much longer than the others is because of the depth of the game. It's about twice as big as Millie 4 with ten thousand things added in.

The cool stuff:
-Five huge levels with all hand-drawn graphics
-Six costumes to find
-Four armor upgrades to find
-Seven unique boss fights
-Combat is a shitload better now. Easier and more fun
-Completely original soundtrack with over 12 tracks. Yes, including boss music
-Saving feature saves your unlocked items
-Four difficulty levels
-Health regen has returned for easy mode, pussies
-Millie in a bikini, if you're into that sort of thing
-Some new enemies
-Actual interactive level stuff like trampolines, breaking floors, switches, the good stuff
-Stat tracking, stuff like damage done etc.
-It has a robot in it

The game is nearing completion and I'm really liking the way the game is turning out. It'll be amazing, I guarantee it.

Gift from God

Millie 5 Soon F'Reals

2008-04-19 13:02:20 by Myroid

Expect the game within a week or two. Check out

Millie 5 Update

2008-03-17 00:22:26 by Myroid

Sorry it's taking so long. To get an idea of what it will be like, think Millie 4 with cooler moves, more enemies, and all sorts of other neat stuff.

Look forward to it! If you want to keep up-to-date with how the game is going, check out You can play all the games there and check out the development blog and even some fan art submitted by people who don't suck since they like my games.

Millie 5 Sometime

2008-02-13 16:44:26 by Myroid

Millie Megavolte 5 may be released before the end of February.

Until then, you can check out everything Millie at

Adventure Mode Complete!

2008-01-17 13:57:49 by Myroid

Millie Megavolte: Adventure Mode is complete! Go play it at

As for the future of a Millie Megavolte 5, there won't be one; the first storyline is finished! However, there WILL be a new Millie Megavolte game sometime in the future, so don't fret.

Of course, if I haven't spammed myself enough already, the easiest way to keep up to date with all things Millie Megavolte is to check out!

Millie Megavolte fans!

2007-12-21 17:19:44 by Myroid

Hey! Myroid here and I wanted you guys to know about the new "Adventure Mode" Millie Megavolte game over at the Myroid-Type Comics website. Immerse yourself in the dumb story of Millie Megavolte with totally sweet cutscenes and moderately naice action sequences.

All the games have been remade to fit in with the "continuous" style of gameplay. There's also new music, new art, and more consistant graphics... all the good stuff.

As for the bad news, Adventure Mode currently stops right after Millie and the Ice Wizard and saving hasn't been implemented yet. If you're into Millie Megavolte though, I would definitely check it out.

UPDATE: Saving is enabled, go nuts.

Millie Megavolte fans!

Millie Megavolte 4 on Newgrounds

2007-11-27 00:24:13 by Myroid

The newest addition to the series is online and ready to pwn! Go give it a 5 since you can't give it a 47.

Millie 4 on Monday

2007-11-25 06:34:51 by Myroid

Millie 4 is slated for release Monday, possibly Wednesday at the latest.

Get ready!