MTC's Newest Game, Spaz Jetter, Gets a Release Date

2011-03-07 02:38:15 by Myroid

Release Date: March 12 (this coming Saturday) or sometime this week

Get pumped, bitches. Spaz Jetter is coming to town and he's going to awesome the ever-knowing fuck out of you and everyone you love, especially your dad.

Who's Spaz? He's only the coolest robot that can shoot energy bullets from his fingers that you'll ever meet. Not only that, but he has the coolest jetpack that science can engineer and he uses it to score bitches around the clock. They can't get their hands off him.

Your mission in MTC's newest game, Spaz Jetter, is to fight your way through several stages, collect cash for powerups, and save your main squeeze from the evil Dastardly Bastard. Sound familiar? Fuck you, then. Spaz is here to wreck some shit and he's not going to listen to some whiny little complaints about a hackneyed story.

So prepare yourselves. Spaz will be here to rock your world way harder than some blue wuss-factory (that shall remain nameless) ever could.

MTC's Newest Game, Spaz Jetter, Gets a Release Date


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2011-03-07 09:06:03

I think you already know how psyched I am for this game. 8D