Coming Soon from MTC: Turbo's Gel Blast

2011-03-28 05:02:14 by Myroid

Coming soon from MTC: Turbo's Gel Blast

In this quirky puzzle game based on a classic, gels fall from the sky and you must match them with their same-colored friends to make them disappear. It's like a fun version of racism! Match four or more of the same color and they'll disappear, making all the gels above them fall down. Make ingenious "plans" and score tons of points from the resulting combos!

To be determined if this will be in the Hooked Media network. If so, you can challenge all your wussy friends to beat your god-like scores and mock their incompetence when they undoubtedly fail. After all, you're the champ.

Coming Soon from MTC: Turbo's Gel Blast


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2011-03-28 08:26:16

Awesome! Can't wait until it comes out! :D

Good luck!