Spaz Jetter X: Qualifier Round

2011-05-27 03:44:37 by Myroid

Spaz Jetter X: Qualifier Round
Coming Soon from MTC

It's been a few years since Spaz's last adventure but he's still in fighting shape! In Spaz Jetter X, you play as one of several members of Team Jetter and complete challenges in the new Fun Time Robotics League competition to earn the ultimate prize. Nobody knows what the prize is this year but it's bound to be good, right?

Before Team Jetter can even participate however, they have to have a representative pass the Qualifier Round. Take control of Spaz, Jody, or newcomer Marco (pictured below) and show the judges and those other teams who the real fighters are.

What's new in the action-packed sequel:
-Marco Bolt, badass brotha and member of Team Jetter
-Other new characters to find and recruit
-Shooting enhancements--multidirectional aiming, charged shots, etc
-Movement enhancements--rolling, wall vaulting, and more
-New graphical things like smoke trails and such
-Your performance is graded in each stage. Go for the gold!

When it's ready, I'm going to release the Qualifier Round, get feedback, then start pumping out the rest of the game's stages. Let's jet!

Spaz Jetter X: Qualifier Round


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2011-05-27 13:47:36

Go for it! :D


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2011-06-19 19:45:32

How come there are four comments, yet the only comment I see is my own?

Myroid responds:

Spam. I guess the count doesn't update for deleted ones.