Super Fun Development Week

2011-10-02 01:40:00 by Myroid

Since I have this week off of school thanks to Fall Break, I will be getting tons of work done on Spaz Jetter X. Who knows, I might even get something playable.

You can read a bunch of mini-updates on my progress here: -DEAD LINK-

In the meantime, here is a character with big titties. I'm 98% certain that's what made Millie 2 so popular.

Super Fun Development Week


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2011-10-03 09:23:18

Jody sure has TIG OLD BITTIES there. :P


2011-12-25 20:12:45

What made Milly cool for me was that in the first Milly game i played there was a "Click me baby" thinggy to start the game. I still find it hot :D