Millie 7 Release

2013-04-23 22:30:44 by Myroid

Why yes, about a year after starting it, Millie 7 is complete.

For longtime fans of the series, here's why Millie 7 makes all the other ones rightly look like the garbage they are. Basically, imagine the games as if they didn't suck. Here are some ways to help envision it:
-The combat is much more fast-paced and action-y. No more patty-cake battles
-Five other costumes, although I guess Millie 5 had that many
-Enemies do things other than walk back and forth
-Bosses do things
-Relatively huge stages
-Much prettier with better art and fancy particles
-There are things in the environment other than spikes and nothing
-Bullshit-proofed by playtesters
-Awesome music
-That cool Tori guy is back to do more voices

The series has evolved with each new installment and this one feels like it's what everything was leading up to. I'm not saying it's perfect, it's not, it's just to a point where it doesn't play like dog shit. Quite a good place to be. Now go play it.

Millie 7 Release


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2013-07-24 16:12:56

now do you work on Millie Megavolte 8?