Zeran's Folly: Lone is the New Millie

2015-06-02 20:04:11 by Myroid

Hey folks and Millie fans,

There's going to be another Millie game, but it won't star Millie. Coming eventually from MTC to PC and maybe other things is Zeran's Folly, a spritual successor to the Millie Megavolte series. It's basically the gameplay of Millie 7 but with the level structure of Millie 6. Meaning, there's lots of physics fun but with story and dungeons to boot. Neato!

You can check out the latest on it here: http://www.indiedb.com/games/zerans-folly



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2015-09-25 14:15:26

Will be a Millie 8 in the future?