Zeran's Folly has been Greenlit on Steam!

2017-02-16 19:50:12 by Myroid

That's right: Zeran's Folly has been Greenlit on Steam! Guess they're just letting in anyone these days.


Zeran's Folly is the Next Big Thing from the developer of the Millie Megavolte series (which is to say, me). It'll be my first release since Millie Megavolte 7 way back in May 2013. It's orders of magnitude higher in quality and scope and it completely blows all the Millie games out of the water. All the charm and funny stuff that made the Millie games great is here in Zeran's Folly. So, TL;DR, get ready for a sticky belly or a soaked chair. Gross.

Oh yeah, and thank you to everyone who voted. Give yourself a pat on the back, you deserve it.


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2017-02-18 05:34:32

Looks awesome! Best of luck