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Rated 2 / 5 stars

Not bad for an amateur attempt, I suppose. Here are my suggestions for improving it:
- Speed up combat, a lot. On top of that, add some flair. Characters barely move when they do anything
- The walking animation seemed too slow which is something considering Jash is taking his time already
- Add some text to the save screen in the beginning, I had no idea what it was and just mashed buttons when I was presented with a bunch of blank rectangles. Also, why make me select "save" as well? Just let me pick the slot and go.
- Was Amara's spiel necessary? It's like, "Hey, I've played an RPG before, shut the hell up. I don't need you explaining things 'in context'."
- I didn't get far, probably because enemies in the very beginning of the game taking five hits is bullshit. Make it one, two max.
- "Miss"ing is not fun. Remove it or make base accuracy 100%.

Finally, get player feedback before you release the game next time. If you did, consider getting it from somewhere else because they didn't help much. Don't get discouraged, just keep learning and I'm sure this will become something decent.

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Dimension Diver Dimension Diver

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Professional Quality, But...

As others have said, the controls. Specifically, though, the lack of ability to jump while dashing on the ground. I guess it isn't like other games I've played before in that respect.

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Pyromasters Pyromasters

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars


Fine game, but the action levels could use some music. Most of the sounds, namely the voice acting, are annoying and detract from the experience.

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